Monday, February 29, 2016

Feminist Thought of the Day

I have reached my limit on "Mansplaining" today.

Have you ever noticed that some Mansplaining is similar sounding to when politicians give a non-answer to a question? It's like they didn't even hear the question, they just answer the way they want to answer, the way they think you need. And they do it in forty emails, hammering home their non-answer with more and more patronizing responses that just start to piggyback on each other. Making you look like a doofus for repeating the question.

Example #1:
Lady Question: Will X still have access to Y after the switch?
Man Answer: Well, you see it's about cost savings....

Example #2:
Lady Question: Will X still be open Y files after the switch?
Man Answer: They can still open Q files!

The best is when they start their non-answer with, "I don't think you understand....."


Thanks for nothing Mansplainers. I'll just figure it out myself.


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