Friday, January 08, 2016

Looking Back - My Time as a Fashion Blogger

Go figure, right. But the fashion label is one of the largest in the list on the right. This was another way I could make sense of my life, and get a better handle on what I liked and wanted to wear. I am in the midst of a long fashion-identity-crisis. Like, I don't even know what colours I like. And I definitely don't know what size I am. Ugh. What are pants?

I still try to choose my clothes with care, but I have been buying more things lately that I think I should like, and not so much thinking through to the actual having to incorporate those items into my closet, and then eventually wear those things. Also, it might be nice to document my planned physical changes that are going to happen this year. Perhaps this will be my "do-over before" picture!

I don't have a specific fashion goal in mind for the year, but I think this ties into my word choice. Time is shaping my 2016.

This means...
- take time to really consider what I am purchasing and make appropriate and wonderful selections to add to my wardrobe
- think of the quantity and quality of time that went into the creation of the garments I purchase, chose items that I feel ethically good about
- make time to eliminate pieces from my current closet that aren't working anymore

My Plan:
1. I already have three Pinterest boards dedicated to rediscovering my style. I pin specific items I like, as well as general items or looks that interest me.
2. Start taking photos of outfits again and posting them here! It sort of seemed silly when I first started doing this, but looking back I know that it really helped me both in learning my style, what looks good on me, and just enjoying fashion again!

If you're interested in following along with my Pinterest boards: Slow Fashion, Fashion Able, Fashion Minimize

If you are interested to see what my style looked like in the past, here are some of my favourite looks:
1. One Dress Five Ways. I'm pretty sure I got rid of this dress last year, and looking at this post has me kicking myself for that decision!

2. Shake What Your Momma Gave You. So many good looks came out of this dress.

3. It's the Greatest Damn Pumpkin Evah! Featuring my favourite shirt, and my favourite blog pal.

4. Ride Baby Ride. Gah I look so cool.

5. Melancholy & The Infinite Wisdom. I altered that shirt, I made that headband. I have a tan.

Good plan Lisa, now go get 'em!

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  1. #4. Ride Baby Ride.... for sure you look cool. The coolest. I love that outfit! Also, the fact that you can wear that dress so many ways / think of that may ways to wear it is a spectacular talent!


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