Thursday, December 10, 2015

Today's Truths

I moved my Facebook app to a forgotten folder on my phone. So I stopped checking it out of habit. I am feeling much better about myself and my world since then. Maybe next week I'll delete the bastard completely.

I am a firm believer that your surroundings have a huge influence on your mood, and your mental health. My new living room arrangement and cleanliness is making my brain and my heart very happy.

Further to that, my bedroom continues to stress me out because I have TOO MUCH SHIT and can't seem to part with enough of it to make this room livable.

My anxiety combined with my depression makes it hard for me to make decisions, especially when there are emotional factors or consequences. I can't reliably determine if I don't want to do something because it's not good for me, or if it's because my depression is lying to me, or if it's because my anxiety makes it hard for me to recognize my actual feelings. There is something that I do, that I never look forward to, even though - on paper - it is something that I should look forward to, something that is designed to make me happy & excited. But I mostly just get stressed out about it. And it does not bring me joy, not like you would expect. Should I tough it out and give it a second (10th) chance? Or is it not meant to be? I need a Magic 8 Ball...

And now for a December Daily update!

This year my theme is "Use Up Some Leftover Supplies!" Which is my theme every year, come to think of it. And Gold Polka Dots. Because if there is one trend combination I love, it's polka dots + gold.
 I am thinking of adding our hashtag to this cover page - #liluchristmas2015 - but we'll see what happens. "December" is some ink + my handwriting. Another trend I am happy to see sticking around.

* Spoiler Alert: It's our Christmas Card!

Hello Cuties! This has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but this photo makes me so happy every time I look at it. And that's as good excuse as any to put it in here.

The page on the left is where I have saved some space to write out my goals/thoughts on December & Christmas. I haven't quite been in the headspace to write that yet. And on the right is my first official page! Our sleepy advent calendar photo. B&W filter fixes even the worst morning-face.

Make Do, that's my motto. This sheet of page protectors is actually a full 8.5 x 11 trading card page that I cut down. Fits small photos and journaling kind of perfectly.

I skipped some pages...I guess I didn't think they were "blog worthy" quite yet! Ha! On the left are some photos from the "Goodby Hello" party at the Royal Alberta Museum. I took LOADS of photos that night, and printed most of them. The "hello" is a transparency insert for Project Life...I think (It was my "door prize" at Nadine's birthday party, so while it isn't something I would have bought for myself, I LOVE IT!)

I can't remember why I bought these particular page protectors. But I did, and then I promptly thought "what the hell crap am I going to do with those teensy squares?!" But they are my new favourite December Daily page protector because I can fit up to 6 photos on one page people! Excellent News. Cookie building on the left, and Festival of Lights on the right. Cherished Christmas traditions with my favourite peoples.

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