Friday, December 11, 2015

Art Update

Did I ever post these here? I'm thinking no.

Working a crop one night (that reminds me of something else.....hold on....) I thought I would take a creative break. So I grabbed a Dina Wakely book from the shelf and found an extremely helpful and useful "Face Drawing" tutorial. Practice!

Now take it home and expand... 

I picked a colour palette, and tried to stick with it as best I could. It was a lovely challenge. And actually quite helpful to keep me on track. And focused. And practicing.

The tutorial/instructions from this book was really helpful. Like, beyond helpful. Especially for noses. I suck at drawing noses. I make it too complicated for where I am at in my drawing and learning expertise. But she made it really simple, and the nose on my face! Bah ha!! Groan...

Simple and lovely. Love the green hair and the green mesh and the words stenciled in her hair.

I forgot about these three gals! I really like them!

Looking back now, I actually have no idea where they ended up. Hmm.

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