Thursday, December 17, 2015

Link Roundup

Some internet things that made me sad for humanity this week!

[Trigger warnings: child abuse, domestic abuse, misogyny] A "joke" Christmas card photo is sexist and appears to promote child and domestic abuse! Not funny.

[Trigger warnings: police brutality, description of injuries, injured child, racism] Some people wonder why other people don't trust the police. This is one reason why.

[Trigger Warning: misogyny, racism, sexism, threats] Online misogyny makes me - and many other women - rage.seethe.boil.

Some internet things that restored my faith in humanity this week!

Feel The Bern!

Women in the residential construction industry. Our numbers are growing!

Not that I belong to a book club (gosh wouldn't that be glorious) but if I did it would be boss.

Black Vegans Rock! is a perfect response to the shit discussed here.

Anything interesting in your feeds this week? Any fascinating news, any cool links, any funny videos, any serious videos? I would love for you to share!

Not that anyone comments here, but please be respectful of others when discussing the links above.

p.s. I am still working on my trigger warnings, cause I kinda suck at them. BUT I really want to include them. I have learned lately from a personal fuck up that they are as important to people reading my stuff, as they are to me when I read other content. I need a list to choose from or something...To The Google!

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