Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gratitude Cookie Jar

So I have this big cookie jar. It actually is terrible for storing your cookies because there is no seal, so they just dry out. Boo! But for some reason I have never been able to part with it. I get that way with things my grandparents give me. And so when I moved, I had to move this big jar, this big useless, taking-up-space jar. And I almost got rid of it. And then I realized what it would be perfect for.

A Gratitude Jar.

Internal Monologue: HA! I just googled "Gratitude Jar" and found untold number of Pinterest idea boards, and "how-to" instruction sheets. You can even buy them on Etsy. Oh my. I will never understand people's need to make a mountain out of a molehill.

How to make a Gratitude Jar, the Lazy Lisa version.
1. Get a jar
2. Get a pen
3. Get some scraps of paper
4. Write something you are grateful for on a piece of paper using the pen
5. Put it in the jar
6. Repeat as needed

I actually think the simplicity of this project is what makes it so wonderful, and so powerful.

You don't need ribbons, or etched glass, or a fancy die cut machine and customized vinyl words adorning your jar to be grateful and to record your gratitude. Those things are nice, but not essential. In fact, they can be overwhelming, and they can get in the way. I mean, whatever, if your gratitude jar has to be pretty to make it work for you, then who am I to argue. But perhaps ask yourself if it really needs to be pretty...

Voila, my Gratitude Cookie Jar. I've got my scraps of paper and a pen at the ready (in a beautiful vase that came to me filled with Valentine's Day flowers from my Dad...can't get rid of this one either.)

I can't remember when I started it, but I have years and years until this jar will be full. Gosh won't that be a beautiful sight!

I don't write a note everyday because sometimes I forget. And that's okay.

There are two notes in there from BFF & Dude. Those are already my favourite.

The scraps of paper aren't pretty. Hell, I've even got some old business cards of mine in there from my Student's Union days because the paper is really nice and again, I couldn't just throw them in the garbage. Ahhh "memories and nostalgia that guilt you into keeping things you don't need." My favourite. Ugh.

And there are some Instax photos in there as well. Because where the hell else am I going to put random Instax photos other than scattered everywhere in my house? That's literally my current storage system for those. Me thinks I best be looking into a better solution....hmmm...

This is the sad little corner in my kitchen that has been "livened up" with the jar, some lights from Target (before it went out of business in Canada...grumble grumble) and some lovely string art that Dude made for me.

Please note: This space is never ever ever this clean and tidy. I literally moved a bunch of towels and dirty dishes out of the frame so I could get this photo. The Internet Lies.

I will say that I most definitely recommend starting a Gratitude Jar. Or a 30 Days of Gratitude Project. Or a Gratitude Journal. Or whatever else floats your boat with the purpose of recording the things, moments and people you are grateful for in your life. I can't fully explain how this has improved my quality of life, and I don't even work on it everyday! Imagine how I would feel if I did!!

I am grateful for this place, in which I can send my thoughts out in to the world. Thanks for being here.


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