Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's Good Lisa?

I cleaned and organized some scrapbooking stuff the other day! Feels so good! Every bit and bauble I throw away or donate makes me wonder WHY OH WHY DID I HOLD ON TO THAT?!?! Sigh...oh well. Live and learn.

Anyhoo, thought I'd share some of my recent work. Not that I've been doing much lately, but whatevs. Sharing is caring.

BFF & I did some camping up in William Switzer Park in July, and I only took about 15 pictures! Can you believe it?! I was doing more memory making than memory keeping. Which made for a super amazing trip, tbh.

But I had an album in mind that I wanted to use for the trip. And it's 24 pages long. So I had to get creative!

It was an amazing trip, for its simplicity and adventure. I spontaneously swam in the lake by myself in my underpants. It was glorious. Cold, refreshing, liberating. And I fell in love with BFF a little bit more. And I really fell in love with his little brass stove....mee-yow!

Note to Future Self: It is always a good idea to buy strange and adorable vintage photo albums on the cheap at VV. ALWAYS...

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