Thursday, January 15, 2015


Those people that have a "casual uniform". You people! I am so jealous* of you.

Y'know y'know y'know the people I am talking about. The "plaid shirt + jeans" guy, or the "slouchy white tee + sweater + black jeans" girl. They wear some combination of the same thing everyday and look damn fine doing it. They have figured out what makes them look and feel good, and they just press repeat.

They have figured out what makes them look and feel good...

I am having an identity crisis. And it can (strangely) be connected back to my closet.

I have long been told (longer than my mind always) been complimented on my style. My clothes. My outfits. I always thought that I didn't dress for those compliments, but my prior reluctance to simplify things speaks otherwise. I have realized this past week or so that I have been dressing based on how I

And when the weekend comes and I put on a t-shirt, my denim button up, and some leggings or jeans, I feel much more myself. It's a simple thing, feeling good in your own skin. And I definitely feel good in my own skin. It's my clothes that I'm struggling with.

A thought that spiders out from this is that I am more than my clothes.

I hope that once I move toward a more "boring"** simplified wardrobe, the people who were complimenting me on my amazing style will still see my personality under that white tee. On the other hand, who cares?!

My clothes are an extension of me. They are not me.

I am damn awesome. And I know that. And people who really care about it know that too.

So I am going to make a conscious effort to separate my feelings from my clothes this month (this year), and simplify the shit out of this mess.

Side note: One of the great things I have discovered about myself after going through a really shitty time, is that I have started to give myself permission to feel confused, or crappy, or tired, or lazy and not feel bad or guilty about it. I'm allowed to have shit days or choose to give myself a break, without it taking over. Have my moment, leave it behind. End Note.

I still have to work out how this is going to work for me. I don't have lots of cash just lying around to re-vamp my closet. But I have committed myself to purging a lot of items this past month and I already feel slightly lighter. But there are still holes. And those holes stress me out in the mornings when I have to make a decision. (Have I mentioned I hate making decisions when faced with too many choices...)

For now, I am off to make my first baby step. My first action item in the grand scheme of things!

I am going to buy a plain, white, V-neck tee.

Wish me luck! I hope there aren't too many choices....HAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Jealous is a word-feeling that I want to work on this year. Like, really work on.
** Boring is a loaded word that comes with assumptions and I am trying to move away from those thoughts, which is obviously going to be difficult for me.

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  1. We tend to act and shine much brighter when we dress and act in a way that makes us happy, comfortable and feel good. I am sure I look great in a dress but I feel like a weirdo so I act different... not so awesome I suppose. Give me a pair of leggings, a long tank, a cover up that goes past my bum, a pair of boot socks and boots and I am ready to tackle the day! You'll figure it out, less is sometimes so much more. xo


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