Friday, January 16, 2015

Making My Word Work For Me

I have learned over the years that the One Little Word exercise is different for everyone.

For me, the One Little Word exercise is about opening your mind up to all the possibilities to allow yourself to fully experience, learn from, and grow from the expression of your word over the year, while at the same time being REALISTIC about those possibilities as well.

I follow a site that focuses on the "Capsule" wardrobe: Project 333. Part of my "Simplify 2015" process this year is to tackle my closet and eliminate a lot of the stuff I don't wear/need/use/love. (See yesterday's post) She offers other advice and courses on simplifying other aspects of your life. A recent post on her blog includes a link to a course she is offering called "Simple Year". Essentially, you get expert advice every month on simplifying different (all) areas of your life.

At first glance, this seems like the perfect "A-HA" moment!

"I chose my word, and now this year-long workshop to help simplify my whole entire life falls into my lap! It was meant to be!"

Except I hate classes like this. They stress me out, they overwhelm me. They always seem to ADD to the complexities of my life instead of help alleviate them. And while usually do end up taking away some useful tips and strategies, I cannot justify all the baggage that seems to inevitably accompany them.

I am not making excuses to avoid the hard work involved in a class like this.

I am listening to myself and my experiences, and proceeding accordingly.

I may or may not find something that clicks and helps guide my "Simplify 2015 Journey" this month, or next month, or at all.

Sometimes it just doesn't work that way, and that's cool.

But I'm keeping my eyes (and heart...feelings aren't lame) open all the same!

Happy Friday Yo! This weekend I am looking forward to:
- Printing my December Daily photos and putting that baby to bed!
- Working on my 2015 Stories Album (my memory-keeping project for the year...perhaps a post is required)
- Farmer's Market!
- Swimming!
- Cleaning my living room... #onedayatatime #babysteps
- Starting construction on the record storage legs for my plant shelf!

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