Monday, January 05, 2015

Just Make Stuff!

Whoever picked that name for "my" January kit at Treasured Memories is a frickin genius, and knows me quite well.

Check out the eleven layouts I created with product from the kit, all hand-selected by myself to coordinate and just generally be awesome and inspire you to make something beautiful!

I apologize ahead of time for the shit formatting...blogging is not second-nature to me any more and this took a lot longer than I anticipated.

The following three layouts are done with photos from my cousin's October wedding in Calgary. 

My sister is so purdy! She takes after me...wink...

Gah I love this face! He is such a performer!

I have so many layouts documenting our Symphony traditions. And one more will never be too many.

Zoo Lights at the beginning of the month was so spectacular! (Not to mention BFF got to meet my sister and her boys...) The animals were super active, Dude had so much fun shimmying around on the ice, and all the lights were really magical. Even though all my photos are shit! HA!

Losing Grandma last winter really hit home to me how much I love and appreciate my grandparents. And how I don't spend near enough time with them! I treated Grannie & Pa to a live radio show at Fort Edmonton Park in December. I bet this is their first selfie!

I remember my view and my understanding of this kitchen from my childhood. It's still full of love and good conversation, but now I get to help with the dishes!

Matinee! Mom, Amy & her boys, me & Dude went and saw the Muppet's Christmas Carol at Metro. It was Evan's first movie. I really enjoyed sharing my favourite movie theatre with Dude, even though he was suspicious about it as we drove up!

  This boy...this boy keeps me sane while at the same time making me crazy. He makes me so happy and so proud.

It was a month of movies! I took Dude & Jacob to the "All You Can Eat Cereal And Cartoon Party" at Metro. For cereal...lots and lots of cereal. And (mostly lame) Christmas cartoons. But it was still an adventure!
Here's the link to the kit contents, if you are so interested: Just Make Stuff. The official kit actually has MORE stuff in it than I had to work with. I can't even build a simple kit properly without missing something...but that's a whole other miserable diary entry that I will not write because I am trying to combat the negativity year!

I have changed my approach to scrapbooking in the past few months, and I am already feeling much better about it! I had to recognize that this is a fluid hobby for me, and its manifestation in my life will not always look the same. It's weird starting a new year where I am not actively blogging and scrapbooking, as these items have formed such a large part of my identity in the past, and for many years.

Blah blah blah the end!

Expect to see more of me around these parts over the course of the next month. I like to work out my goals on here, and I will be updating my Book List and posting some end-of-the-year reviews here.

Until then...

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  1. Your kit was great! You did it exactly the way you should have. Think of it as boobs- we all have them- some of us just use a push up bra to help us out- it makes us happy, feel good- when we feel good we put out a different energy. Your kit was perfect just the way it was... I just like to "push it up", it makes me happy................ does that make sense.


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