Monday, December 01, 2014

Bah Humbug?

I have been told that I am a Scrooge, that I must just hate Christmas.

Because I don't have an Elf on a Shelf.

Because I don't put my tree up at midnight on November 30, and decorate every inch of my house.

Because I don't collect Christmas scrapbooking supplies.

And I laugh it off, and make fun of myself, because I am good at that. Because I've been doing that for years for everything else that makes me an odd duck.

But it kind of hurts my heart.

I am not a Scrooge. I look at Christmas through different eyes, that's all.

Christmas is memories of family filling my house as a child. Getting excited as each car pulled up, and the cold air blew in from the open door. Dressing up, playing with my aunts and uncles. Giant snowmen in the backyard. Throwing snowballs with Dad, seeing who could hit the street sign from farthest away. Grandma buying the best Christmas crackers she could find, and seeing who kept their paper hat on the longest. Helping make the gravy. Jokes about gravy. Kids tables. Turning all the lights off in the house except for the Christmas tree, sitting in the quiet watching it glow. Watching Christmas movies. Singing carols with Dad using the song sheets they printed in the newspaper. Naked Christmas mornings (that was before Dude ;) Horse rides on the farm. Ugly sweaters and dozens of cousins. French onion soup and meat pie. Board games. Giggles. Wrestling and rastling. Lego towers. Warm snuggles before bed. Footy pajamas. Writing letters, sending cards. Naps. Carrying sleeping babies to and from cars.

Every December Daily and Elf on the Shelf photo I see on Instagram or Facebook makes me feel so inadequate. I struggle with this season every year. There is so much pressure for perfection. Perfect advent calendar, perfect gift selection, perfect breakfasts and traditions and excitement every day of the month! But I refuse to believe that I am doing Christmas wrong.

I tried making a big deal out of the "Month of Christmas", and no one actually cared or noticed and it stressed me out. So what's the point?

My Christmas doesn't look like yours, but that doesn't mean I don't love Christmas.

I will try not to say anything disparaging about the upkeep of your Elf, so please try and do the same about my lack thereof.

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  1. Elf on the shelf is evil! Firstly it looks evil, like chuckie evil in the movie child's play! It's the stuff of childhood nightmares that a creepy doll parades around your home at night, whilst you sleep! Scared of the monsters under the bed? No way, scared into therapy by the elf taped to the ceiling, why yes, that would do it! There are no creepy Elfs lurking (looking like they are ready to kill you the moment you close your eyes) in my home either! Trust me your children will thank you.


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