Monday, July 07, 2014

Lately...Canada Day

This past week we celebrated Canada Day! It's kind of messed up to have the Tuesday off. Wednesday feels like the second Monday of the week, which is a sick sick thing. Not fair at all. But all in all, July is off to a damn good start!

Dude, BFF & I started the day with pancakes (Dude), pancakes & bacon (BFF), and "Lisa's Regular Order" at Humpty's. Then Dude & I headed out to Sherwood Park to meet up with the rest of the family.

This party has literally more stuff than you can possibly imagine doing. Little stuff, big stuff, fancy stuff, super basic stuff. And we love it all!

Dude gets overheated being outside in the sun too long, so the two of us headed back home early. We ate a simple McDonalds + veggies lunch on the deck, then wandered down the road to our little neighbourhood splash park! It's really tiny, but it's never busy and you get wet so it's just fine by me.

BFF biked over from his place and met us there. Dude raced him back home! We had burgers before I took Dude back to his Dad's. Dan & watched The Big Sleep (Great movie...I was equal parts confused and amused!). I was woken up by the booms of the fireworks and was lucky enough to be able to watch them from my bed! I'm so spoiled.

Happy Canada Day indeed!


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