Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Get Rad! Check!

One of the items on my Summer Manifesto was to "Get Rad!" meaning, run in the Colour Me Rad 5k! And I did this past weekend. And it was so very rad.

Nadine and I have been very loosely "training" for this run (HA!) and she was kind of worried that she wouldn't be prepared enough. Yeah...needless to say that as soon as we arrived we realized that this wasn't a "real 5k". No one was timing you, and while we all signed up for a specific wave time, we could pretty much just start with whatever wave we wanted. It was awesome!

Me at the finish line! (I actually got MORE covered in colour after this photo was taken!) - Nadine & I about 1.5 km in.

One of the "Colour Stations". These were placed throughout the course. Essentially there were a bunch of volunteers throwing colour at you from big boxes. Literally arm loads of coloured cornstarch! The ground beneath these stations was quite spectacular.
Lots of clever slogans. Nadine has a photo of herself beside one that reads One Rad Mama...or something to that effect. Also #itsmefeet

Anna and Cory came to cheer on Nadine, and Anna even made her mom a sign. It reads "My Mom is Rad". She even signed her name! It was beyond adorable. I think I got more colour on me via Anna than at all of the colour stations combined! (Wink).

It was really cool to see all the "Radders" walking around town later in the day. They were popping up everywhere. BFF & I picked up some donuts and veggies at the market, grabbed a brunch at Urban Diner and then headed to the west end of town to run some errands. And by then I was thoroughly exhausted and had a lovely nap.

I think this is definitely going on the Summer Manifesto next year as well! And we're bringing the whole family! Also, no training...more margaritas...



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