Monday, May 26, 2014

On My Own

I bought a car this month! Old Green wasn't doing so well, and I knew he was living on borrowed time. I especially knew this when he up and died at a red light one Thursday morning on my way to work. Sigh. Russel and a nice construction worker pushed him into an empty parking lot and my search began in earnest.

In my company we talk about the emotional side of buying a home. We train our sales people to use that to their advantage, and to the home buyers advantage. Because if they can identify with your product, and see themselves building a life there, you are more likely to make a good sale.

Buying a car as an emotional experience can vary depending on the buyer. I would imagine that for someone who buys car a lot, or has the money to spare, it doesn't "hit home" quite as it would for a first-time car buyer, or someone who had to scrimp and save and think about every last dime that is going toward the purchase. That's me. That last one.

I thought it was a big deal when I signed my first lease on my own. I thought it was a big deal when I booked my first moving van on my own. Those were big deals, but this is the biggest yet.

I feel like such a grown up. Never before have I felt so clearly that I alone have my destiny in my own hands. I am responsible for my own failures and successes.

Sucks that such a sucky suck thing had to happen for me to realize this.


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