Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tell A Story - Teach Me

Hanging out with Dude on Monday night while Russ was at floor hockey. He had built a whole army of Bakugan out of his Lego (so have no idea how creative this little Dude is!), and wanted to show me each one and help me learn their names. Keep in mind that Bakugan is a strange Japanese cartoon that has been translated into English for the western market and therefore makes absolutely no sense to adults. Well...most adults.

I wanted to watch a little Olympics (because I don't have cable at my place), so I turned the TV on, but Dude quickly commandeered it to watch a recorded Bakugan episode to better assist me with my studies. He would say the name of the Bakugan, and sometimes pause the show so I could get a really good look. We watched a whole episode, and I don't think I was any better off.

Then we "played" Bakugan for a little bit, which mostly just involves saying "Ability Activate" and then making up something that sounds like an ability one of these fine gentlemen (ladies? asexual beings? am I reading too much in to this?!) might possess. And then making some sort of boy sound effect, which I completely suck at, but always manages to get a smile out of the Dude.

He would point at one of his magnificent creations, and then look at me expectantly, waiting for me to correctly name it. And I usually (like 99% of the time, I'm sure) got it completely wrong, or I didn't even have a guess ready. But he was patient with me. And we were hanging out and having fun, so I think that counted more in his books.

They all have names like Mectagon, and Drago, and...well...I think I just proved that I failed the lesson because I don't remember anything else. And I'm not even sure I got those two right! HA!

I do however remember that they are all very awesome, and that I love the look in Dude's eyes as he's telling me their names and trying to teach me and help me remember.

Also, I have no idea how to work that fancy TV, and it was even more hilarious listening to Dude try and tell me which buttons to push. "Guide Mom, push Guide. Then OK. Yep, that's the right channel."

I love you Bestest Best.
later loves

p.s. TREMBLAR! He has some sort of orb thing that hovers and then blasts the enemy with some kind of energy beam. Dude! I remembered!!

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  1. Bahahahaha. Tremblar? What tha??? You're doing better then me. I can't keep the stupid pirates in Jake and the whatever they're called show straight and I get some dirty looks when I make up names...... Ooooopies. I also called Toopy and Binoo (spelling?), Toopy and booney for awhile (forgive me if you are lost. I hang out with the 1-3 year old crowd!)


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