Friday, January 10, 2014

Currently...Red Lips

listening to > I hit "shuffle" on my iPad. Right now, it's Buffalo Soldier. Next...who knows!

eating > Nothing. I want this "clean teeth" feeling to last as long as possible!

drinking > cold tea, my favourite

thinking > about my to-do list for today...yuck

looking forward to > symphony tonight!

wondering > if I am meeting who I think I am meeting for coffee this afternoon...damn new phone and anonymous texts from people who are actually friends whose numbers I forgot to transfer. Ha!

hoping > I get the hang of this putting on bright red lipstick with a tiny wand thing. It's tougher than it looks! #practicemakesperfect

wishing > for nothing...I had a fucking great week!

believing > that my good mojo is getting out there into the Universe and to the people who need it most...

feeling > strong, courageous, beautiful, fit, smart, fucking awesome

(sorry for the narcissist's delight. I just really LOVE my new red lips! And it doesn't look like a drunken clown applied them this time! YES!!)

Last night Dude & I went to the mall to pick up some bright red lipstick for Mom and take a peek at the Lego store. Dude hummed and sang to himself the whole time we were in Sephora, and was quite interested in all the samples. And we picked out a lovely Chima Hero Factory for him, and a mystery mini figure for me at the Lego store. I got Mad Boss! He held my hand walking through the mall. My hand, and my shopping bag!

And this morning he & I had side-by-side dental appointments. It was nice to see Betty again (we used to chat everyday in my past life), and it was funny to be able to listen to all of Dude's answers to the hygenist's questions two doors down. Among other things, he doesn't want to try to brush his teeth twice a day, and he really likes school. One of my new year's intentions is to go on more "dates" with Dude. A dental appointment counts, right?

How does today look in your world friends?
later loves

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  1. You look so adorable in these photos--I love the red lipstick!


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