Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog & Life Busy

I am full of ideas right now, and I finally have the energy to put those ideas to work. But some days I just don't know where to start. And most days I would rather watch Jeopardy with the boys, or go sit in a pub with BFF instead of whittle away my to-do list.

The ultimate blogger and creative dilemma. I am kind of in a good boat compared to others, as I don't rely on this place for an income. It is my creative space. A place for me to share my life, my interests, and meet new and awesome folks in the process. But there is always that pressure to do more, and be more. And spend more time blogging and creating content for the blog.

And yet, it's also kind of a no-brainer.

Time spent away from here and out there with my boys always wins.

Just as it should...
later loves

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  1. very much agree! PS I love that rug! Where is it from? and how big is it... I need a big one for my place!


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