Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Old-Timey Hobby

I was saving this post for Bliss-ologie, but with the hiatus happening over there and the fact that I did more last weekend and was reminded of it, I thought I would just put it up here!
photo credits: Lisa & Dan (he got my best sweet ass...)

Lisa Cans!

Yes...yes she does...

A couple of months ago my Organic Box was offering extra bags of carrots and beans for the canning folk on their list. And I crazily thought I could be one of those folk. So I ordered my extra bags and they sat in my fridge for a couple of extra weeks while I found ingredients, recipes, and time. And then finally I just did it...and here are the photos of the proof. Well, the second round's worth. I had already wet my teeth with super spicy beans before I tackled carrots.

Oh gosh. I am such a dork. A dill moustache? Of course. Of course...

This was my genius moment of the day...too bad it wasn't my genius idea. Instead of buying "canning tongs" just wrap an elastic band around your tongs! Works like a charm!

 It was loads of fun...but not near as much fun as having a helper...

And last weekend, I hauled all of my canning gear - spices, jars, giant pot, carrots, beans, garlic, etc. - to Dan's new place and we pickled some more! And he peeled the carrots! It's a Christmas Miracle!

It took way less time and effort and anxiety with two sets of  hands in the kitchen. Thanks BFF! We did beans and carrots, and used white, orange and purple carrots, which left the brine a bright pink! I am excited to see how they look - and taste - now. I made him swear not to eat any before I got back over there. We shall see if he took the oath seriously. Wink.

And that's that....pickling things is easy. And fricken delicious! Yessiree!!

This is a brilliant idea for a homemade gift idea. I know at least one very special lady who will be getting a couple of jars of these for Christmas gifts. Maybe add a nice tag or ribbon, and you're set to go! Because who doesn't like pickled things? No, I'm serious, who? Because they are obviously crazy and in need of an intervention. Just saying...

Better when done with wonderful company...
later loves

p.s. I googled recipes and found loads and loads. Find the one that suits your ingredients and your fancy. Literally, it's just salt, spices and boiling water. It ain't no rocket science fools. Tis the season...


  1. Mmmmm, pickles.
    The end.

  2. Anonymous4:24 pm

    I second Nadine's comment.

  3. awwww man, can you do my extra beets? I got so many in my organic box last week I might throw up if I have to eat anymore borsch.... :)

    Also! Nice to see you today! During my one and ONLY busy moment of the ENTIRE day.. :)

    1. I slice my beets really thing, splash some olive oil and salt on them, and bake them like potatoes. Delicious!!

    2. I meant thin. Goddamn fingers!

    3. that sounds delicious! I'm gonna give it a go :)


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