Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Reflections

December is a month of busy week nights and weekends. Of pressure and obligations. I need to remember to take time to recharge and relax and take time for myself. And not sweat the small stuff. And smile! And have fun!

I took some time last weekend to head out to Jasper to visit my best blog pal! We had a super low key weekend, and it was truly the perfect start to the month.

I have come to love my solo road trips out to visit Nicole & Ian. The roads were surprisingly clear and the drive uneventful. I cranked my classic rock, ate my road trip snacks, and enjoyed the time by myself. Watching the sun set behind the mountains was breathtaking.

I had to pull over as soon as I hit town, because four of my favourite things in the Universe were in the same frame. I had to stop and catch my breath...

1. Mount Edith Cavell & Angel Glacier // 2. The moon! // 3. Venus...a tiny little dot here, but blazing bright and beautiful in my mind. // 4. Whistlers' Tea House.

I don't have any goals or aspirations for December, but I am sure they will come. I hope they will come. I have been feeling very uninspired these past couple of weeks and, well, my writers block is coming on something fierce! Eek! But right now I want to focus less on creating more pressure and more on enjoying the moments and people that are right in front of me.

December, you have reminded me of all that is awesome in my life.
later loves


  1. Anonymous10:43 am

    It was seriously so awesome having you here. I hope to have many more visits with you.. including another one this winter. It would be so fun to go out on a snowshoe adventure or something.
    I'm glad you enjoyed our low-key weekend. In my mind, it was perfection. Fancy dresses, delicious food, wine, laughs, photobooths, shopping, gingerbread train, soup, Mexican food, movie, crochet time, walk.. all good things! xoxo

  2. Lovely! Sounds like magic!


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