Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Halloween Costumes from year's past...I thought this might be interesting...
2007: Polly the Parrot & the Cap'N
2008: Ghostbuster
2009: Dude as blog posts to represent my costume. Must now satisfy my curiosity and look through the photo archives! (I didn't have one? WTF?!?!?!?!)
2010: Lumberjack and Sheriff...and this is when I realize that I used to only share photos and events via scrapbook layouts and I kind of miss that and also hate that. Hmmm.
2011: Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady
2012: Giant Alice in Wonderland

And 2013...PG-13 Slutty Zombie Pirate!

I was thinking of adding some vampire teeth in there, but I figured that might be pushing it a little. And I took the slutty out because it was chilly tonight. Bill Fucking Murray was keeping me company. I got lots of compliments on my costume, some candy just for me, and some random guy liked my shirt! Yeah!

While I am quite enamored with Halloween, Dude has never really been interested. Until this year. He picked his own costume, and yes it may just be a t-shirt with a cape, but he picked it out. And he was excited to go Trick or Treating, and we went across the main road! This has never ever happened!!! I WAS SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED!!

But his favourite part is handing out candy...he's my special guy.

And I pretty much stayed in character all night. My voice is gone from all the "arrrghs" and "where's me booty" and "say thank ye"...

This is a What to Wear post, if you can believe it! Nicole is hosting the link up at her place, so head on over. And now, I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll watch a little more SNL Halloween Special...oh Stefan, I missed you.....

later loves


  1. Great costume! I love the hat. I hope you had a great Halloween!

  2. Anonymous9:07 pm

    You are hilarious. I love you so freaking much.


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