Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's All Go To The Lobby...And Get Ourselves a Snack!

I was going to post something totally different today, BUT I DID THE RIGHT WHAT TO WEAR OUTFIT AND TOOK PHOTOS AND WROTE A POST! Sorry for all the caps, but I'm just so durned excited! I actually wrote two blog posts last night, and have ideas for more! Gasp!

Anyhoo, let's get on with things. This week's What to Wear prompt was " the movies". I go to movies! Usually my kind of movie date is at the Garneau Theatre aka Metro Cinema, which shows old movies, really old movies, and documentaries. And the last time I went, I was wearing an outfit that already gets lots of play on this blog. But I was looking kind of cute tonight on my way out the door (literally) to get ice cream, so I made Russ take a couple of photos.

This is totally an outfit I would wear to the movies. Warm sweater, comfy jeans, chucks, dorky mismatched laces. Maybe I would actually do my hair, and stand up straight (and wear a proper bra...geeze Lisa). But really, all the important items are there. What else would I even add?

Right. Snacks.

Hi Nicole. Can I come over and play?

What's your favourite movie?
The correct answer is Breakfast Club.
later loves


  1. noms, popcorn! cute, comfy outfit!

  2. cute outfit, I like the mismatch laces =p

  3. I love theaters that show old/independent movies! Especially when they also serve beer ;) This is a perfect movie going outfit!

    1. This one serves beer! And it's cheap! Double win!

  4. love your outfit!!! Super comfy! Your glasses are adorable!

  5. Excuse me, but why hasn't my comment appeared!?!?
    I wrote you a big long one—the jist of it being, PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE come out and play, preferably in Jasper.... tomorrow!?


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