Thursday, September 19, 2013

I got this...

What to wear to a bookstore?! Yeah, I got this!

Nope, dropped the ball again. I have higher hopes for Nicole and the rest of the ladies.

My only "must have" when going to a bookstore is a large tote, in which to carry all of my purchases. Like one of these for example...

Sweet Totes

But usually I just use a grocery bag from the trunk...

later loves


  1. psht, I don't think there's any ball dropping going on here. Totally amazing drawing, that I could never muster up. It's you, fo sho! cuuute totes too, but yeah, I usually just have the nasty grocery store ones too...

  2. Anonymous11:04 am

    I have been carrying a tote around with me everywhere these days. I won it in a giveaway and now I can't live without it. It's my go-to.

    Also love the drawing. I think I need to get my doodle on one of these days. It's been awhile. The last thing I drew was the cover of our couch book... that was awhile ago, indeed.

    I hope you're doing smashingly well, my friend. I'm always thinking of you! xo

  3. This doodle does not look like a ball dropped at all--it's creative interpretation! And I love your pattern mixing :-)

  4. I love the doodle! you totally didn't drop the ball!

  5. Oh my goodness those bunnies, I would love to have them on my tote bag! And I love your drawing, it's fantastic.


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