Monday, August 19, 2013

Tell A Story

Dude went and saw the movie planes with his Grandma, Auntie and cousin last Saturday. It was done by the same people who did the movie Cars - which Dude loved - and I guess you could call it a Disney spinoff!

He hasn't been really keen on going to movies in the past, but he seemed happy enough to go to this one, and I thought he would at least get a couple of hours of entertainment and enjoyment out of it.

Hello understatement of the year.

When I came down in the morning (ahem*afternoon) on Sunday, he started to describe all of the characters to me, and the storyline, and which planes were the coolest, and where you could buy Planes stuff, and which of that stuff he wanted. And he was so happy and animated! He couldn't sit still!

And he reconfigured a couple of his Lego creations to make his very own plane. And continued to add to it, and make refinements all weekend.

He was still talking about it on Monday morning, when we packed up his plane to take to Grandmas. So he could show it off, and continue working on it.

And after dinner that night we drew some planes to hang on our art wall. He had to pull up the Planes website on my iPad so he could get Skinner just right. Skinner is his favourite y'know. He just loves that guy! Apparently...

His excitement is contagious.

It's a wonderful thing.

Happy 8th Birthday Dude! I am glad you still want to hold my hand and kiss me even though are getting to be such a big kid! You are my bestest best. I love you.

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  1. This is super cute. Happy birthday, Lucas.

    I hope you guys had fun in Jasper over the weekend. Sorry we didn't have more time together. xoxo


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