Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heritage Days 2013

We got home from Ross Lake, emptied the car - Dude is such a good helper! - put some stuff away and headed straight back out to Heritage Days! Dude was mad because he wanted to play instead, but we managed to get him in the car and off we went.

Essentially, the Heritage Festival runs over the August Long Weekend, and is a celebration of many of the different cultures/ethnicities/populations that call Edmonton & Canada home. There are 60 pavilions representing 85 different cultures. Each group sets up a booth with some informational-type displays and cooks up their finest traditional menu items. Food tickets are cheap, and the entire event is a fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank as well. I always raid the pantry before we go so I have a food donation to give. This year they got a bunch of canned tomatoes, and beans...I needed groceries!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous! While we were waiting for the Park N Ride bus to take us down to the park it rained a bit, but that only served to freshen things up. The sky was so blue - as you can see - and aside from a little welcoming breeze it was sunny and warm and beautiful!

The perfect weather for some food and entertainment. We sampled some elephant ears - aka Croatian donut - and olives and kabob and green onion cake, and more I'm sure but I can't even remember any more! And we made sure to catch as much entertainment as we could. First up, Japanese drumming and a Kendo demonstration. Those guys - and gals - get smacked pretty hard on the head with those long sticks! Wow!

We managed to catch the end of the Chinese performance right before the dragon and lion dances, so we ended up with front row seats! The two gentlemen in that lion costume were amazing! So strong, and fun to watch! The different features on the lion's head can move independently, so his eyebrows would wiggle and his head would nod. Very theatrical!

All in all, it was a successful year. I enjoyed taking my time and watching the performances, while still getting to try some of my favourite munchies.

Notes for next year: you missed the curried goat.

Any fun festivals in your neck of the woods?
Any yeggers out there who also attend Heritage Festival?

later loves

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