Friday, August 30, 2013

Home Dreaming...

I woke up one morning with a "University dream" on my mind. I have these dreams all the damn time, usually when I am feeling stressed in my life or when things get out of my control. They always involve the same themes: I don't know my schedule, I haven't been to class in four months and I show up on final exam day, or I show up only to find that the paper that is worth 95% of my mark is due tomorrow. Stuff like that. Never naked stuff!

But I have been doing some dreaming of a different sort lately. Hopeful dreaming, because that's the most fun kind when things look darkest.

And it's only a couple of steps before a dream becomes a plan...

Any dreamers out there?

later loves

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  1. Um. Hello! If you buy an orange house I'm coming to live with you. We can share a crap (oops meant craft! ;)) room and everything!


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