Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eat This!

So the first recommendation I have for you in terms of these recipes, is not to try two new recipes on the same night. What the DEUCE was I thinking?! And on a Monday to boot!

Oh gosh, this was ages ago now. Like two to three whole weeks! But I've had lots to post, lots of fun things to choose from. So "trying out some new recipes" kind of gets pushed down the list.
Also, I am not a food blogger or photographer by any means, and I prefer to rotate through my five standard meals on a weekly basis: tacos, sandwiches, pizza, smoked salmon & bagels, BBQ meat, breakfast.

Oh, hello Guinea Pig!
He looks so impressed...

And I tested out a new beer cocktail recipe with this meal. One that I found through something other than Pinterest, because Pinterest was absolutely NO HELP on this. I did find one through Huffington Post that I really wanted to try - beer sangria! - but what the hell is Piso Reservado?! I hate to buy a bunch of new ingredients to try something I might not even like. You know?!

Anyhoo, I quite enjoyed the Rickards Shandy I bought the other day, so I thought I would try my hand at making my own...

And it was awesome! Yay me!

Any new recipes you've tried out this summer?
How do you feel about "beer cocktails"?

later loves


  1. So...was it Piso...or Pisco!? If's a Chilean or Peruvian liquor....ever ever ever so delicious! We might have a small bit left...and if not Keg n Cork on 99 St north of 34 ave carries "the good stuff, not the cheap Peruvian @*!%" - per the husband. (Though you can buy a bottle of "Pisco Sour" that's pre-made and ready to drink that gives you an idea of what it tastes like)


    Okay. Excitement over. You must send the recipe!


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