Thursday, August 08, 2013

A List

I like making lists.

I have signed up for 30 Days of Lists starting in September. I have even started prepping my listing materials for said project. Look at me! Getting ahead of the game! won't last.

Today my (neverending) Work List includes such things as:
- book movers
- get quotes for signs
-order signs
- order new folders
- follow up on a bunch of design work
- approve design work
- count water bottles

My Fun List includes such things as:
- Make summer mini album
- Create journaling cards for #30Lists project
- August Break photos
- Project Life catch up
- Stamp on fabric

I keep all of my lists in my moleskine. Sometimes I make them pretty, and sometimes boring. But always inspiring!

I like you like lists?

later loves


  1. Even though I have an iPhone now and I have a bunch of organization/list apps, I still prefer good old paper and pen!

  2. I love lists!! Only problem is that they're all on various pieces of paper and they seem to get lost right when I need them!


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