Thursday, July 18, 2013

July (Get Outta Here!) Goals

Yes people. There are more. There are lists and lists and lists of more goals to get done this year! And I'm getting this one out late late late...eek! So late in fact, that I already had the chance to complete at least one of the items on my list! HA!

Nadine did up a "Summer Manifesto", which I absolutely adore and think I might try to replicate in some way as well. But for the sake of continuity, let's focus on my four goals tradition at least for today,

1. Go on a mini road trip. I realize that we already have plans to head to Whitefish, Montana for a destination wedding this month week, tomorrow WE JUST GOT BACK! But I want to go somewhere a little closer to home. Maybe stay the night. Maybe just make it a day trip. Take a lunch, put on some good tunes, and just drive. 2. Be a tourist in my own town! Some fricken amazing, awesome, lovely and gorgeous relatives from Texas are coming up at the end of the month, and my 80-year-old Grandma has kindly drawn up a list of some things she wants to do to "keep them entertained" while they're here. And some of them are teenagers. Oh dear. Wink! 3. Swim in a lake. This might go hand in hand with Goal #1 and/or the destination wedding we're attending! (It didn't...I did stick my feet in a couple of lakes, but that's about it...more on that to come!) Most Alberta lakes are notoriously terrible. But I bet I can find one that doesn't feel too skeevy or full of goose poop! 4. Be Brave....... I had something else for #4, but I felt that I needed to take it out and replace it with something more appropriate, but then I couldn't think of anything. I am having a tough month so far, but "survive July" seems like a cop out. As Jill says "every little ting gonna be a'right". Well, Jill & Bob Marley.

later loves

p.s.  I ended June with the biggest bang of my life! Then topped it all off with an amazing July 1st long weekend. I donated blood, fainted, had some handsome officers and lovely First Aid ladies come to my rescue, made an inappropriate joke about a frozen banana on a stick, had a much-needed chat with my mother, ate dinner outside, and went to bed early. A long weekend friends...I think I made the most of it!


  1. Your #4 needs an edit- keep being brave. You've been brave all along.

  2. Alberta's lakes are gross? :( That sucks. I've always wanted to visit and swim in them all. (From Ottawa, Ontario) I'm sure they aren't as bad as the Rideau River here. Sewage is constantly being dumped in it. Great eh?

    Lovely list! Hope you enjoy your summer!


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