Friday, May 03, 2013

Pomp & Circumstance

Let's travel back in time this week. This time to 2003.

The year I got married. The year I got a real job...after the longest, most depressing summer of my life.

The year I graduated from University.

Hello Blondie!
I got a Bachelor of Arts. Major was Anthropology, Minor in Religious Studies. I am still proud of my degree, and I have many fond memories of my time in school, but it means less and less to me over the years. I still wish we had a halfway decent guidance counsellor in high school who gave us useful advice, like "learn a trade". Y'know...something useful and in demand.

We use to have a joke at the call centre I worked at right out of school. Because pretty much everyone on the floor had an Arts degree, so the joke went if you wanted to work at a call centre, best get yourself an arts degree. To fit in with your co-workers at the very least!

Can you tell I am a tad bit cynical about my University education?

On the other hand, I remember being very proud of my hair, and the way it flipped out at the bottom there. I look a lot like my sister in these photos. And the more I look at them, the more I think about my identity and how at this point in my life I cannot imagine ever being a blonde again, or giving up my glasses.

Funny how that works. Time....

later loves

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  1. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but this post actually made me feel better about *not* having a University education. It's always been a sore spot with me, but really, I'm happy to live in a time where I am still presented opportunities despite not having a Bachelors in anything.

    Not to mention I would've pursued a degree in, like, creative writing, and we all know there's no money in art. ;) Not to mention I don't even really write poetry anymore...

    Also you are way sassier nowadays. I'm a fan of your short red 'do!


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