Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I need a break

I've got a bunch of drafts of posts started and I hate them all. They feel very inauthentic and forced, and crap. They look like crap. I am really not into blogging right now, so I am going to take a step back this week and focus on other stuff. Stuff that needs my focus, and needs my attention.

Non-internet stuff. You know how it is.
My brain is kind of full right now, and blogging just isn't making the cut.

No excuses...

I'll be back....hopefully......

later loves


  1. I will cross my fingers that you come back!!! But I totally understand, and that choice to step back seems to be making it's way through my blog subscriptions...so you're not alone. <3

  2. Amen!
    I am so there.
    I repeat.... I am so there!

  3. I totally get the needing a break thing, and hope it is everything you need it to be. Also? Should you come back? Totally excited to read you again. :-) I'll miss your sassy hair and awesome paper layouts.


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