Friday, April 19, 2013

Finding My Passion

I'm going through a mental rough patch right now. It's nothing that I didn't completely see coming, and it's been on my radar for what seems like forever. But now it is kicking me in the face, instead of just lurking at my side. So I have to face it head on (in my brain), instead of just push it to the side. This is going to be damn tough for me, but I am putting my Brave Lisa face on.

And while I don't want to get into specifics here on the blog, I would love to chat about the things that inspire me to keep on going and push through this! Specifically finding, focusing on and pursuing something that I am passionate about.

When I set that goal for myself at the beginning of the year, I set it with the full realization that I have NO IDEA what I am truly passionate about! Yikes! So, this is going to be a bit of a journey for me and I am glad for it.

To me, something that you are passionate about fills your soul. It is something for which you would sacrifice other things in order to accomplish it. It is something that you can build in to your future, and plan for.

Thinking about this I realized that I have sacrificed my desire for more tattoos, in order to safely and consistently donate blood. And there is passion #1. (not that they are in any particular order....)

I started donating blood a couple of years ago. Russel was making an appointment for himself, and I wanted to tag along. So the whole family hopped in the car on a Friday afternoon, and headed to campus to the main donation centre in Edmonton. And Dude had his DS (I believe) and was cool just hanging around in the waiting area. And I got a giant sticker for being a first-time donor! Yay me!

And it felt really rewarding, but not earth-shattering or anything.

And then a couple of donations later, when I went by myself, the handsome gentleman nurse who did my pre-pre-screening told me that my blood could go to babies. Just typing that now gives me shivers, and wets my eyes. I already knew that my blood can go to anyone (universal donor, or whatever they call it), and I don't know why it can go specifically to babies (maybe missing something bad for them, or full of something good for them) but I don't care. I repeat, my blood can go to babies.

When Lucas was born he needed a bunch (I hate to say "a lot", because it makes me sad to think about it, but it was probably considered "a lot") of blood transfusions. Platelets, to be specific. And I remember one of the NICU nurses telling me that they were luck to get a bunch of platelets from a lady in Winnipeg who was a great match for Dude. Thanks Lady from Winnipeg!

So whenever I donate, I think (ah shit, I'm gonna cry here) of fat, pink, chubby Baby Dude in his little incubator with his pokey plastic catheter taped to his hand so they could take blood samples (all the many blood samples...) more easily, but that poked me in the naked boob flesh every time I tried to nurse him! And I think about all those other Moms who would come to visit their little sick babies, who couldn't hold them because they were just too sick. And I think about that lady in Winnipeg, who was just doing what she normally does, probably, donating blood or plasma or platelets or whatever, but in doing so saved my Dude's little life.

And I know that I will donate blood as long as I am able. And that I will do whatever it takes not to compromise my precious "my blood can go to babies" blood!

And I know that when I can't donate anymore, I will volunteer to hand out soup and cookies and juice boxes to those people who can.

And I know that I have found something that fills my soul. And gives me purpose.

For more on donating blood (and blood products) in Canada, please check out the Canadian Blood Services website. And please consider donating...

Do you already know where your passion lies in life, or are you on a bit of a journey to find it?

later loves

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