Sunday, March 24, 2013

What People Like

I might not know much about most people. Or really anything about people in general. But I do know one thing that people like. They like emails. Not spam, not a request for a donation, or the upteenth email from that mailing list you wish you hadn't signed up for. People like personal, written-just-for-them, emails.

Trust me. I know this from experience; from every out of the blue, "hello" email I have ever sent. The responses I get are full of happy excitement! And sometimes surprise. But I almost always get a lovely email back, and I know I did the right thing. And I know that whatever I said in that email was the right thing to say, and it might just have made someone's day. Know that someone out there in the giant anonymous world of the Internet was thinking about them. And wondering if they are well, and happy.

I send an email to my best friend every Monday morning. Sometimes it is the biggest load of garbage that has ever graced the Internet (well, maybe not ever), and sometimes it is just a short note just to say hello. And sometimes it's a lengthy diatribe involving something along the lines of: "Hey! Thinking about you. I read an article about beer you might like. Did you see the moon last night? I watched this Burt Lancaster movie the other night that was just amazing. I really need another coffee. I'm not getting any work done! Hope your Monday doesn't suck the big one." Or whatever. Literally, that's it. Heck, some of my emails might actually have some of those exact words in them...hmmm.

And sometimes (usually...) he doesn't reply. But I know for a fact that he enjoys them, and appreciates receiving them. Yep...we're just weird like that.

So today, do yourself a favour and write an email to your friend. And say: "hi, how are ya?"

It will be worth your time. And the good vibrations will come soaring back to you tenfold.

Be grateful for those warm fuzzies, and for the friendship that warrants them.

later loves


  1. I know what you mean, but it's just so hard to express yourself to a close friend while writing an e-mail, maybe I should try hand-written one?

  2. Anonymous10:44 am

    I'm so grateful to be a friend worthy of one of those emails. And, you are so right. There is nothing better than receiving a personal little message from someone you love.


  3. So true. Nothing feels better than a personal message. Thanks for the reminder because I really was meaning to send out a couple today ;)

  4. Truth! It's so awesome to get a personal e-mail, especially with my inbox so cluttered with "THIS SPAMBOT IS NOW FOLLOWING YOU ON TWITTER" and "YOU JUST RELOADED YOUR STARBUCKS CARD" and "WE ARE COSTCO AND WE ARE PROCESSING YOUR PHOTO ORDER." :)

    PS - Look at your cute-ass new blog layout!!


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