Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Builder's Beige

My whole house is "builder's beige"....from 1978! You can tell that we didn't get the best of the best materials when they were putting together these units. In fact, sometimes it feels like we got the stuff that fell off the truck! HA! I joke, but seriously, it's an issue. Thank heavens we own the place and can make our mark on it in whatever (condo board approved) way we wish.

And since my bathroom renovations have stalled right out, I got it in my head one night that I needed to paint the fireplace. So I did... that I have seen the after I cannot believe I tolerated this monstrosity for so long! HA!

During...why yes, that is my sweet ass in that photo. Looking good!

The finished product!
Isn't it lovely? It helps that I tidied up as well. And re-decorated the mantle. And bought some new pillows...

My little house on the prairie is starting to come together quite nicely! And to think, we've only lived here for 7 years. Geeze louise! And one of these days that fireplace is going bye-bye, as we never use it and we throw money at it to get inspected every year (even though we never use it....) We have a super tiny living room, and that is space we could really use. One day...just add it to the list!

later loves


  1. Anonymous10:12 am

    Oh, I love it!!! I remember seeing Instagram photos of you painting. It's so good to see the finished product. The living room is so cute. I love the candles in the fireplace and the stack of books.

    AND I love that your pumpkins aren't piles of rot. JEALOUS.

  2. Looks so much better! Great job!

  3. Oh it looks *lovely!* Like it's a whole different room. Great work!! <3


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