Thursday, January 24, 2013

Japanese for "Bad Singing"

to karaoke!

You know what's funniest about this topic. I was totally invited to karaoke last Saturday night! But I was at a Welcome Home party for my friend who just got back from Australia after living there for a year! I'm such a social butterfly (wink).

When we go out for Karaoke, we don't hit up no fancy hoity-toity place. Wait?! Is that even a possibility for karaoke? Anyhoo...the bar that my karaoke-pro girlfriend always chooses is in a shady part of town - Russ got his car stolen from their parking lot once - and is usually mostly full of UFC fans. Yep. It's a classy affair!

All of that means the more casual, the better. No one's going to try to steal your wallet or coat, if it looks like you might not have anything of value in them!

And try not to look too attractive. Don't want those bar flies hitting on you! HA!

And apparently, all of that means an entirely thrifted outfit! I love it when that happens!!

I wonder what these fabulous ladies have to say about karaoke...good things I bet! Please go say hello, and spread some Internet cheer...

Abhaya // Sondra
Exploring Woods // Sarah
Gypsy in Jasper // Nicole
lala faux bois // Lisa
Like a Small Fire // Marcia
Salvaged Strawberry // Amanda
Northern Exposure // Shayla

later loves


  1. The seedier the better when it comes to karaoke joints. Although, I must say, the one place to karaoke in Jasper is slightly seedy and I hate it. It's just the worst. They put karaoke on wing night, so the bar is PACKED with obnoxious people. What a bummer.

    I love how casual and cozy you look in this outfit. I would totally sport something similar.

  2. haha, you're hilarious!

  3. The logic behind your outfit is perfect! Also that bar sounds kind of terrifying. Which gives you extra points for bravery ;-)

  4. Sketchy bars are the best kind! ;) I don't even think we have a place to do karaoke in this town...

  5. Kareoke is my jam. So is Raspberry but whatevs. You rocked that outfit girlie. And I am dying to know what pub this is? Time Out? I so wanna sing my heart out with you!

  6. cha, brave for sure, and still super cute in your thrifted outfit! love your headband!

  7. Yay for entirely thrifted outfits! I love your hair in that scarf and I love your glasses! How cool this was a legit karaoke outfit :)


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