Monday, January 21, 2013

I Lurve Sandwiches

I sometimes feel like Homer Simpson in my simple requests & desires when it comes to food. Y'know that episode where he saves that giant sub from a party, and slowly whittles away at it day after day, and then finally it turns purple, makes him super ill, and Marge finally just has to toss it. Homer my man, I feel your loss.

I think I could eat a sandwich every day of the week. If I didn't have so many damn leftovers pass through my house I probably would steal a page from BFF's playbook and take one to work for lunch (in a steel lunch box would be awesome too, but probably impractical!)

And I have hit the nail on the head when it comes to why. It's cause you can put pretty much any ingredient in between two slices of anything - bread, "bread", lettuce - and have an amaze-balls taste sensation course its way through your mouth.

I have a nostalgic centre in my brain that's dedicated to sandwiches. I still remember the ones Dad used to make to take to work. Onion bun, lots of iceberg lettuce, a little salt & pepper. Delish! And the ones that we made at Grandma Connie's house with the sandwich-shapers. So we could eat mini sandwiches in the shape of circles and stars. With extra pickles & olives on the side.

Dude does not share my love for sandwiches, but he does enjoy a good "smorg" now and again. This is pretty much the easiest dinner known to man. Cut up some carrots, lunch meat, pepperoni sticks, pickles, and add a couple of crackers and cherry tomatoes, and you have a deconstructed sandwich! 
Great for snacking on while finishing your spelling homework...

later loves

photos taken Thursday, January 10th. At home.


  1. yum! I rarely eat sanwiches, but had a peanut butter and jelly one yesterday and it was delicious! :)

  2. We call smorgs "snack plates." I eat a lot of those when Ian goes away. Although, mine have cheese. Dude would HATE that. ;)

    I'm a huge lover of the sandwich too. Ian, also. He is actually the master sandwich maker in this household. They can get HUGE and super intense and they're always AMAZING.

    Hmm... I think it might be a sandwich kind of day.

  3. I too am a sandwich lover! I make a mean gourmet grilled cheese! Sometimes I day dream of opening a sandwich shop. What makes a sandwich even better- a creamy bowl of soup to dip it in.
    I think I may have to make Anna & I soup and sandwiches today!
    I am excited for lunch now!

    I also am a big fan of the Lucas plate. Cory & I sometimes do that on a Sunday afernoon when we're feeling snacky (minus the meat of course). Anna eats like that daily. Goldfish pretzels, cheddar goldfish, a pickle and cucumbers.

  4. Sandwiches are the best :-) I have really good memories of the sandwiches my dad used to pack in my lunch when I was a kid. He's a total health nut and he used to make them like half a foot tall, made with the nuttiest, crunchiest bread and so much crisp lettuce. Even long after he stopped making them for me, I'd get cravings and go grocery shopping just to make a replica. Good times.

  5. I luuuuuurve sandwiches. However, all those pickles you've pictured have made me really crave some pickles... Thanks for once again contributing to my supper plans! :)


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