Saturday, January 19, 2013


saturday // january 19 // 1:49pm // home

eating: that cookie! To be fair, I did have carrots & celery for lunch....
drinking: WATER! I trying to evade this lovely massive headache.
listening: the fan on R's laptop, the sounds of Dude's apps on the iPad
watching: the snow fall outside, and the temperature fall as well
needing: to get out of the house! and pick up some photo paper and the forgotten groceries from yesterday's trip
loving: that Dude keeps giving me little hugs, like he hasn't seen me in ages and missed me
thinking: about this, and, a lot....
wanting: something I can't have

Last night was a strange one for me...lots of thoughts running through my brain, making me a little crazy, a little antsy, a little anxious. Today I need lots of down time. At the computer. Cutting & gluing paper. Just letting the thoughts run their course, and the doubts fade.

I'm going to go run some errands now.

later loves

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  1. That friend-love comic is the cutest and best thing I have seen in forever. It is also super awesome because I just received a book from you, so I just ASSUME you're thinking about me when you're thinking about that. ;) (I'm after BFFs place!!) Ha.

    I hope you got all of your thinking done and that that cookie was as good as it looked. xx


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