Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I don't set goals...

That being said, I think I am going to continue with my diet of "crazy pills" and make some. are the "worst" influence on me! even! Oi vay.

This was something that A Beautiful Mess encouraged their followers to do back at the beginning of September, but as I do not follow those ladies anymore I am just coming across it now. I figure, what can it hurt? Also, they asked you to set four goals, but I am going to be less ambitious and try for three.

And I decided to make them all "creative" goals. With my evenings being what they are - short - I haven't been spending enough time creating things. Scrapbooking & painting & drawing help me de-stress and unwind. And I find they get my brain working in a different way that is so refreshing and stimulating (compared to work, and know...)

#1. Complete at least four weeks of Project Life. I have started it up again. The giant monster. The other day, as I was looking through my first album of the year, I realized that I absolutely love how this project looks and works! I just find the follow through really damn hard. If I can document even a tiny tidbit of the next two months, and not have it drive me crazy, I will be a happy camper! #2. Do something "crafty" to decorate the mantle. My mantle is looking really (really) sad these days. I used to put lots of time & effort into creating little vignettes and displays, using whatever random decor bits I had laying around the house. But that has fallen by the wayside, and now it's just a place for rocks and bottles to collect. I want to make something and decorate with it. Maybe something like this? #3. Start a new art journal. Here is another of my favourite things that has been left behind thanks to busy life syndrome. I love looking back through the books I completed earlier in the year, when I was really needing them to help me work through some stuff. I found some books that will make great art journals when I was cleaning out the basement a couple of months ago. They are made from the perfect paper, and they aren't too big (aka overwhelming)! I thinking I will leave one by my bed to record my thoughts at the end of the day. 

I have loads of other "to-do" type goals in mind to accomplish before the year is up, but I thought I would start small and start fun with these guys! They are totally do-able, and nothing too drastic or abnormal that it will take some sort of acrobatic changes to my routine to get them done!

Are any of you guys out there "goal-oriented"? 
Do you have any fun goals or tough goals on the books right now?
Is there anything YOU would like to accomplish before 2013?

later loves


  1. Since finishing my birthday goals list (or most of it, anyway), I haven't even thought about other goals for the year. Maybe it's time I give that a moment's thought.

    I'll get back to you! :)

    1. I am having a SHIT-tacular day today, and just thinking about going home and accomplishing some goals is strangely satisfying and calming. Maybe I am becoming a goal-setter after all!

      Wasn't one of your goals to do some cold-weather-crafting?

  2. I'm the worst. I forgot to RAVE about the new header and "about me" pic. It looks awesome and you ARE a dork and for that I LOVE YOU!


    1. Thank you, thank you! I thought this new look was very fitting!

    2. ..the grapes of ..dork! awesome.

  3. Anyway! Great creative goal setting.. will be cool to check in and see what'cha came up with. I too, dislike setting any 'real' goals.. due to the crushing sense of despair of NOT getting 'er done. Small 'to-do' lists are where I settle. ;o)

    (P.S.. replied to your question..tho not very helpful, sorry!).
    needle and nest design

    1. I'm more of a small to-do list sort of girl as well. But every once and awhile I get the urge to make a larger, more "long-term" list. And I subscribe to the self-fulfilling prophecy idea about how if you think you can't meet your goals you won't. So I usually don't!

  4. Good for you!
    Goal setting... I like to think I do this well but in reality I am pretty crappy at it.
    That's not true, I set a goal of being home by 10 last night to watch Vampire Diaries (not a damn word) and I made it! There, goal set & goal accomplished.

    1. I didn't say a thing, I swear!


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