Thursday, October 18, 2012

Being Awesome // Contest Closed

I'm just wasn't actually a contest. But I think I am done with those "30 Days of Being Awesome" posts. I will post the winner later today, just kidding! He he he. I will post a little "30 Days Re-Cap" in the next week or so...or whatever...

Also, something else I wanted to talk about today...ummm...crap. Give me a minute here to think of it. While I'm doing that, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

******* ONE TWO THREE DAYS LATER ********

Yeah, I have no idea what I was going to write about. I let it sit in my brain, and I tried not to directly think about it, so I would just spontaneously remember it; and then I thought really hard on what I was doing right before I started typing. But neither strategy was successful. Oh well. Must not have been that important then, eh!?

I will say that I changed up the look of my blog a little bit, so if you're in a Reader, jump out and take a peek! This was completely unplanned and whatever the opposite of pre-meditated is. I got home from work on Saturday night, and was super inspired to "DO SOMETHING," so this was it (until 3am...aiy yi yi). I am a lucky lady in that my JOB is so inspiring. In actual fact, I find it to be the people I work with and the customers that hang out there that are so inspiring to me! These ladies LOVE this hobby as much as I do, and even if I have had a royally crap-tastic week they put a smile on my face. And it doesn't hurt to get a little gossiping time with Nadine, and a lovely visit & coffee from BFF!

Please note: I threw in that "symphony style" pic for symmetry, but don't I look cute? Well...doesn't my lower half look cute (sorry about the feet....) // new blog look! // this is how we roll at TM...dead animal skulls featuring prominently in western-themed photo booths. yee. haw. // Nadine & I were busy making badges on Saturday night, using TM's machine (available for you as well, at 50cents per button!) so I made up matching ones for me & BFF. He approves!

later loves

P.S. If you are visiting me in expectation of a "What to Wear" post, you are in the right place! But at the wrong time...apparently. No need for a time machine! Just come back later (evening-ish?) for my version of What To Wear On Laundry Day. If you are so inclined!


  1. I am addicted to making buttons!!!

    1. Me too! I saw the bigger ones in the back the other day and all I could think was: "DANGER DANGER!!!"


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