Friday, September 14, 2012

The Never-ending Saga of School Supplies

We didn't have to buy many supplies for Dude this year. Also, "NO MARKERS" and nothing from a Dollar Store....these issues were specifically addressed on the list!

"School Supplies", Layout detail"School Supplies", Layout detail
Also, I obsessively label each and every pencil that Dude takes with him. Not that it matters. He came home with a bunch of pencils (and duotangs) last year that had someone else's name on them!

For the scrapbookers: I posted this layout and another one on the TM Inspiration Blog last week, if you are so inclined to head over there. I'm using a stencil that I made, and mostly just random bits from my current stash. That other layout will go up here on Monday. Enjoy!

later loves

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  1. I always loved shopping for school supplies and I already look forward to labeling each and every thing I buy my kid later haha.


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