Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Best In Me

Every time we get together, I sit in awe of these ladies that I call friends.
Nadine, Kara, Kirsten, Jill, Me, KC
Not pictured: Chantel, Kennedy, Naomi, Candace (the photographer)
We celebrated my birthday with some scrapbooking & sushi at TM on Friday night. AND KARA CAME UP!!! EEK! I was so happy and surprised to see her and Naomi and Candace come out.

Not only was I so excited to get some scrapbooking & crafting done, I was happy to be surrounded by a group of laughing chatting ladies that I love. Jill & Kirsten sitting across from me speaking in their own weird sister-language, playing "Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wives" on their iPhones. And Nadine, Kara & Naomi wandering through the store "shopping" & holding hands.

I am even more in awe that these ladies call me "friend" as well....

And everybody kept hugging me. It was kind of completely awesome.

Today is my actual birthday. And the first full day of fall.... This weekend just keeps getting better & better!

Coming up on the blog: what happened yesterday!

later loves


  1. Happiest of Birthdays!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Friday night was so much fun. That picture of us laughing captures it wonderfully. xoxox

  3. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BELLY BUTTON DAY, Lisa! Sending you a virtual hug with icing on it!


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