Tuesday, September 11, 2012

if I had a couple million dollars...

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?

We're not talking about a ridiculous number here. Something respectable, like $20million.

A group of my good friends's co-workers just won that much.

So what would you do?

I would take everybody I know out on dates. My treat.

Somewhere nice, and fun. Like the Bothy.

Or Three Boars.

Or New York City.


later loves


  1. I vote for NY. Or Disney (*grin*) or Mexico. Or wherever! I would totally help you celebrate winning the lottery! :)

  2. If I won the lottery I would quit work and buy a farm house and open a dog rescue. I would give my parents $$ becasue they sure have given me more than my fair share in the past. I would hit up a hair dresser 3 times a weeks so i never have to wash and style my own hair again. But first... Uncle Paul and Bill in Costa Rica here I come!


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