Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Much is Too Much?

I ate too many Smarties today. Like, if five is just right and 20 is too many, I ate too many to the power of 10!

And if my math skills serve me right, that's 200 Smarties. Or maybe it's 2000 Smarties. I never was that good at math...

And okay. If I am being honest with myself, I guess I didn't eat that many. But I am definitely going to regret it later. Oi vay!

A couple of ladies at work & I are going to be starting a "Gold Star" system. Any goal, any little step or little triumph in our week will get a check mark. And at the end of the week, we get a Gold Star! It falls to me to create some sort of "spreadsheet" to keep track of our progress. Yes. I am the office computer genius...we are all doomed....

Each of us wants to achieve something different: smoke less, exercise more, eat less crap sugar.

Simple stuff. Personal stuff. Stuff you go to your girlfriends for help with.

Working with these special and strong ladies over the past few years has made me see the beauty and the possibilities of a strong female community. When you get rid of the gossip, and the bullies, and the competition, it can be quite supportive. And helpful. I know there will always be an ear to hear my troubles and my triumphs. I know that I can go to Karen or Di if I have any gardening questions, or if I want to have a good laugh. And Stephanie & I can shoot the shit about life, and family, and little kids.

It's nice.

I have the same kind of relationship with my TM Family. I never expected to be friends with people I work with. Real friends, not just "at work friends". These are people who I want to hang out with; who I text with and chat with outside of work. These are strong, wonderful ladies that teach me a thing or two about life (and friendship) each and every day.

And for that I am very thankful.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, when that good thing is Smarties. But not when that good thing is a good buddy!

Awwww.....mushy Lisa makes an appearance.

later loves


  1. I give you 10 gold stars!

  2. well that was SWEET! Hopping over from that gal above me here (gypsy).. and I like you, so there. ;o)
    I remember taking a box and a half of Smarties to do the pregnancy-sugar test (more fun than drinking that orange sludge!)... and thinking that was my limit, despite being a choco-holic!
    Friends are awesome, I love 'em too. New blogger ones are also fun-tastic!
    Nice to 'meet' you Lisa!
    needle and nest design

  3. errr.. I just realized it was YOU who commented on my blog about 'accents'...ha! That light bulb took a while to turn on in this mama's head (as most do). I thought you were another gal I know who goes by Lisa S! Thanks for stopping by! ;o)


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