Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Club Anyone?

Well, I have officially finished my 52 Books this year! Way early too, so I am kind of excited, even though the last couple of books I read barely count. And I was thinking that it might be fun to add another challenge to my list for next year.

And I was kind of wondering if anyone else would be up for the challenge...NOT the 52 Books Challenge! Oh my no. I was thinking of something more along the lines of a Book Club.

Anyone interested? We could have meetings once every couple of months or so. And by "meetings" I mean, wine, snacks, laughs and we might fit some book-talk in there somewhere too!

Classics. Contemporary. Everyone has the opportunity to choose one book.

I must admit...I have always always always wanted to join a book club. I guess starting one of my very own counts too! I really just want to chat with other people about the books I read, and maybe find some new favourites as well.

Please email me if you would like in. We wouldn't start until the new year, so there is plenty of time for decisions, etc. That being said, if you wanted to create your own #____ Books in 2013 goal, I would be so excited to follow your progress!

Also, there is no way I am quitting here! I still have a little pile of "to-reads" sitting in the upstairs hallway. Who wants to place bets on guess what my final total of the year will be?!

later loves


  1. Anonymous8:52 am

    There's still so much time! I bet you can get to 75.

    Also, can I Skype in for the monthly meetings? I'll drink my own wine and make my own cheese plate. :)


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