Friday, September 28, 2012

Being Awesome: Day Ten

Prompt #10
Make dinner for someone who always makes dinner for you.

This would be my Mom. She always makes a spectacular dinner for us every Saturday night. For once, I would like to treat her to something that the family made. I would definitely need to ask for some help with this one. Group effort! Now, since she reads my blog I'm just going to go ahead and say: "Mom. I'm thinking this would work out best for that second weekend in October, unless you have other plans, cause this weekend is in two days and next weekend we are all away. M'kay? Love ya!"

And a recap of the Awesome Week that was...
#6. Go out on a coffee date with someone you haven't seen lately.
#7. Send a letter or a card to someone that makes you smile.
#8. Leave a lovely comment on somebody's blog.
#9. Do somebody else's chore.
#10. Make dinner for someone who always makes dinner for you.

later loves

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