Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Favourite Pen Pal

I have a pen pal! Hi Nicole!

It is in her honour that I picked up some sweet note cards on sale at Chapters the other day. We write each other notes, and send along a sweet gift. So far I have received a cute pair of tiny earrings (now where are those darn things...) and a great friendship bracelet!

I love Happy Mail of any kind, and these quick notes are a refreshing and inspiring addition to the routine of my week.

Now if I could only convince BFF that he likes getting little presents from me...

Does anyone else want to be my pen pal?

later loves


  1. Hehe! I knew I could provide you with some inspiration. Also, the photo I used is adorable. You're showing off your unibrow. What more could you ask? :)

    You're the best! Let's get that beer sooner rather than later, shall we?

  2. how fun - i came over via Nicole's blog- who is my buddy too. i'd love to be a pen=pal. it would make me feel like a teenager again and actually have me be excited to get mail other than junk mail and random bills that still come in paper form!


    1. Let's do it! I hate junk mail...

  3. Nicole's awesome! I'd offer to be your penpal, but we're in the same city...ha, would that even work?!


    1. It would totally work! We could be coffee pals, or Farmer's Market pals too!


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