Saturday, August 04, 2012

New Eyeballs

I think glass eyes are totally amazing. To think of putting a foreign body right in my face hole everyday in order to look more in line with all the other dude and dudettes out there, ambling around! Crazy!

But alas, I did not get myself a glass eye. I simply bought a couple of pairs of snazzy razmatazzy eyeglasses to add to my burgeoning - and accidentally so - collection.

Thanks to Miss Elycia and all her rave reviews and easy links to crap. I think I ordered my glasses from the wrong site. Fart and fuck and all that jazz. Give me a moment for some personal tech support. Yep, I certainly did order from the US site and not the Canadian one. Oh my. Hello Idiot Stamp on my forehead.

Oh well...we can keep chatting! Yes, let's!

They have lots of styles to choose from, brand name and everything! And they offer free shipping, and loads of other promos (like first pair free, and 50% for summer). And if you hate them, or they got it wrong, you just send them back!

And shipping is SO FAST! I ordered them late the week before, and they appeared as if by magic on my doorstep on the 31st (as promised, I might add).
I ordered two pairs. Mostly because I really needed sunglasses and I couldn't decide between styles because there were so many sweet and geeky choices!

This first one I am calling "Unibrow".

 And this one is "Geeky Hipster Shades"

And here are those handy links, nicely and neatly labelled so you don't make the same mistake as I did. For US customers. And for us Canucks. But all worked out in the end!

I am so glad that giant geeky frames are in style! I wish that this and skinny jeans are trends that will never die! Hardee har har!

later loves

P.S. BFF took no time in noticing the math symbols on the corners of the frames. Did you?


  1. Anonymous10:47 am

    SO cute!! I want new glasses too. I'm sick of wearing the same pair every day.

    I think the "unibrow" is hot on you. :)

  2. I think I'm going to try this too -- my only issue is I have to figure out my pupil distance...

  3. I've been wanting those as well (the second pair) because I really like the math signs :) And you're so right, nerdy glasses and skinny jeans can NEVER be out of fashion. ever.

  4. Cute, cute! That just reminds me that I need glasses too. I always end up breaking mine, haha. Lovely post~


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