Friday, July 27, 2012

Movies Lately

I am really loving my two main movie-borrowing sources lately!

iTunes gives me a usually not-crappy "Rental of the Week" option every week (duh) or so.

And Dan gives me a classic or a classic western whenever I ask for it!

Reviews...if you like. The King's Speech was so beautiful to watch. And I really enjoyed Geoffrey Rush & Colin Firth's relationship and interactions.

Metropolis just blows my mind! It seems so ahead of its time, and yet I'm sure it was also very relevant as a social commentary of its time as well. Unfortunately, it's very long and there aren't a lot of text interludes to fill you in on what's going on!

I am determined to rent as many John Wayne titles from the library as I can this year. And whatever they don't have, I'm hoping either "Rentals By Dan" or iTunes can fill in the blanks!

later loves

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