Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lisa! For Pete's Sake, no gushing!

So I started typing this post, and it was going to a place I wasn't too comfortable with. And I thought, maybe too personal? Maybe too much for this blog? Which is weird, because so little is off limits for me here. I just don't have that filter (in my brain) in place.

So I figured I'd leave the good stuff for my art journal, and just include some photos and the briefest of introductions. I'm just no good at public-gushing.

This is my new best friend Dan. He makes me laugh and think. And sometimes he even buys me coffee.
He likes bow ties, old movies, strong coffee, and beer!
His turn-offs include urban sprawl & crowds.

Please send all fan mail to me, and I will be sure to forward it along! Ha!

please note: this layout is like the scrapbooked version of this post. It's very "art journaly"!

Layout Deets: The red "stamped" arrows on the right are actually the Studio Calico wooden arrows that I sprayed quite liberally with a red Mister Huey. I wanted to see what it would look like if I tried to stamp with it. I like the look, and carried the arrow theme along with the hot pink label tape.

 The man & woman are also Studio Calico wooden shapes that I laid on the paper before spraying with ink, then removing the images. It wasn't as crisp as I wanted, so I outlined the shape with a black marker. I like this look better. Even though it's still not "crisp". And it's a good thing too, being permanent Sharpie and all...

This layout is all tapes and pattern paper here. It came together quite easily with the Studio Calico Fabrips and lots of washi tape on hand. I think I might do more layouts like this one!

later loves

p.s. I use the "BFF" terminology ironically, and "tongue-in-cheek"...but it still applies, I think...

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