Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your husbands... And it's about darn time. It's too bad that Russ had to work late last night, but it gave me an opportunity to finally get on the laptop and get some blogging done!

First things first, let's get caught up on my official TM Blogging job............okay done! That was tough. I almost forgot what I had to do. Oh dear...don't tell the Boss!

Now, on to bigger and better things. Like an "Even A Monkey Can Do It" DIY. Yep yep yep.

And this week my DIY involves some ink and a tank top with a stain on it. Ooooohhhh.....aaaahhhhh. Excitement abounds!

This story has many beginnings. Also, it's not really a story, per se, but a series of events that when randomly shoved together give this DIY a nice back story.

Okay, so Russ cleaned the grill part of the BBQ one day. This was right after we got the new-to-us one from his brother, and it was gross. He left the grills in the sink, and I washed something in said sink and got a lovely, greasy smear on my new (and quite flattering) tank top. Insert sad face here.

Thankfully I was lucky enough to find another at Superstore before they disappeared forever (they were a popular style this summer, oh my!). It's the most perfect light pink, racer back, light, flowy but not too flowy, tank top. It was flattering, hell it made me look better than normal! I just couldn't lose this one. know what I'm talking about.

But I hate to "waste clothes" so I have been wearing the stained one to the gym. With my fluorescent orange sports bra. Yep, I'm classy like that.

Here is where the perfect DIY potential comes in. A shirt I don't really care about any more, looks-wise, some colour wash, and a bored blogger.

Step One: Lay your shirt on a nice flat surface, and stick some paper or something inside. This is so the ink doesn't bleed through to the back.

Step Two: Grab a paintbrush and some liquid fabric dye. DID YOU KNOW that Ranger/Adirondack/Tim Holtz Colour Wash is actually a fabric dye? Say what!?!? I haven't quite worked out all of the kinks (I'll explain that at the end) but I have dyed pieces of fabric for headbands quite successfully in the past!

And paint right on your shirt!

You'll notice I have some wonky letters. The ones on the left were with very little ink. And the ones on the right were with lots of ink and some water thrown in for good measure. Good thing this was just the guinea pig...

You'll need to heat set it to dry. Let it air dry, then stick it in the dryer. I didn't let it fully set before wearing it, and sweating in it, so I had a little runoff on to my hands. I'll give you an update the next time I put it on, and wash it, for colour-fastness. I'm not too worried about the text running. It's already done a little of that on its own.
You know those shirts that read "I LOVE PINK"...I hate them. I hate wearing brands, especially ones that scream in your face! This is my retaliation.

Man...that tank is just so flattering! And please ignore my scary bike shorts. I haven't worn them outside of the house yet, as I am just not quite used to them. But they are comfy and seem perfect for my standard inappropriate gym attire.

I did up a sweet "tie-dye" tank as well, using another of the same style, this time in blues and greens. We'll see if that makes it's way into a fashion post in the near future...hmmm....

And with that, I am off to yell at Typepad and set up a post here for tomorrow as well! Gasp! Egads!

later loves

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