Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Mail!

I love getting fun stuff in the mail! Too bad it usually means I had to spend some money to get it!
 I got this sweet package in the mail the other day, one of my last online shopping sprees before my self-imposed ban. I ordered these slick pens. The name of the game is "The 7 Year Pen". They have hi-larious little drawings on the side, and they are a really nice pen! Oh, and they are supposed to last forever! Or for seven years, whichever comes first. I bought Bacon, Geeky Glasses & "Need Coffee" with a little skull. Coffee already found himself a new home, as did one of those swank coffee ephemera magnets.
What I really wanted to talk about in this here post is the sweet freebies I got with my package! I love it when companies do this. A surprise "thanks!" for choosing to do business with us. I got a nice card ("I've got a sweet tooth for you"), that lovely "My Stache" postcard and a sticker about beans & rice.

And this awesome kitty button. I think this one is right up Dude's alley!
For this I will proudly promote their little site! Everyone check out Seltzer Goods. I recommend their Seven Year pens. And those magnets are very heavy duty, if you like that sort of quality in your magnets.

I think that when I get back I might put together some Happy Mail packages myself, and send them off in to the world. I hand-delivered one just before I left, and made sure to leave it as a surprise. We'll see what happens there.

Have you ever received any Happy Mail?
Have you ever sent any?
Maybe it's about time you got on that...

later loves

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  1. I LOVE snail mail! I'm expecting a few packages in the mail right now and I'm just so darn anxious to have them arrive.

    Want to exchange happy mail? We can put a $20 limit on it or something!? Let me know what you think!!


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